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TotalFilm Exclusive Interview with Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone

TOTALFILM.COM – The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world’s first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures — and their outlook is changed forever.

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ComingSoon: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds Talk ‘The Croods’

COMINGSOON.NET – The Stone Age meets the Modern Age as Neanderthal family The Croods attempt to acclimate themselves to the world outside their cave. The cautious leader of this caveman clan, Grug, is vocalized with intense hyper-vigilance by Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage, while his bodacious daughter Eep is played with gusto by Emma Stone. The boy that comes between father and daughter is called simply Guy, and he’s voiced by everyone’s favorite Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds.

This unlikely trio shared the stage for a press conference in New York City where they talked about the hardships of a 2-to-3 hour workday and the occasional waterboarding tactics of animators.

Question: You did such a great job of conveying family dynamics. Did you meet ahead of time to bond?

Nicolas Cage: This is the very first day I’ve ever met Ryan.

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah, we just met now.

Cage: I’m a huge fan, but we just met today. That’s the absolute truth.

Reynolds: We just recorded the third act in the lobby. (laughs)

Cage: Emma and I met in Berlin – that was the first time we met.

Emma Stone: On a quick getaway.

Cage: So to answer your question, we didn’t get to interact while we were making the movie but we could imagine what we were doing, and sometimes Chris and Kirk would do playback so we could riff off of that as well.

Q: Emma, did you know this was going to be the sexiest babe in animation?

Stone: Was Eve modeled as the sexiest babe? Who knew? I think the original animation that I saw, in my opion, had her as pretty compact and strong.

Cage: Sexiest Neanderthal I’ve ever seen. (laughs)

Stone: She did have a pretty sexy Neanderthal halter-top.


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‘The Croods’ Star Emma Stone Teaches Ryan Reynolds What a GIF Is

HOLLYWOOD.COM – Friday, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are going back in time as Eep the cavegirl and Guy the, well, guy in Dreamworks’ The Croods. We sat down with the duo to understand just how into their characters they really got.

Eep, along with her family led by Grug (Nicholas Cage) are forced out of their cave home when the first apocalypse starts to rip through their world. With the help of Guy, and his adorable sloth friend Belt, they navigate the strange imaginative world beyond their cave, a place where whales walk on land and rabbits are over seven feet tall. The lush scenery surrounds and confounds them all the way, but Guy only has eyes for the strong and independent Eep.

Stone jokes that she really “likes a guy she can throw over her shoulder,” something that doesn’t make Reynolds feel emmasculated at all. But the real fun starts when Reynolds admits (dunh-dunh-duuuuunh — to steal his furry co-star’s favorite line) he doesn’t know what a GIF is. Luckily, he’s got the queen of GIFs, Stone (who is well aware of her existance on Tumblr as an animated icon), sitting right next to him. She sets him right, complete with a little dance performance, just prime for GIFing.

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‘Turbo’ Official International Trailer #1

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‘Deadpool': Ryan Reynolds Gives an Update on the ‘Raunchy’ Film

MTV.COM – Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone both gave quick bits of info on their respective Marvel Universe film properties in an interview with Hey U Guys. The comic book talk starts at the 4:18 mark, with Emma Stone giving the “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ script high praise.

The big news is that, despite what we had previously hoped after hearing that Fox has big news coming, “Deadpool” is still languishing over at Fox.

“It’s up to the studio,” Reynolds says. “The studio I think is reluctant to pull the trigger on such a hard Rated-R script. Then the guys who wrote it and the producers won’t make it unless it’s that hard and, you know, raunchy.”

That’s disappointing to hear, since it already has a director attached and finished script. It’s promising to know that the script is apparently as viciously ridiculous as a Deadpool film needs to be, but it’s a shame that that also seems to be the very thing keeping it from being made.

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‘Turbo’ Trailer #2: Ryan Reynolds Lives Life in the Fast Lane

EW.COM – Dreamworks’ answer to Disney’s Cars – and every superhero story that begins with a life-changing, mutation-causing disaster — just got a new trailer.

Turbo, the animated movie about a snail who wishes he were speedy kicks things into high gear when a highway accident sucks him into the engine of a sports car. One dash of nitric oxide, one journey through this snail’s changing anatomy, and one power up ballad later, we’ve got ourselves a very speedy snail — who by the way is voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

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Ryan Reynolds Discovers Fire − And Chris Sanders − With ‘The Croods’

MOVIELINE.COM – There is apparently no end to Lilo & Stitch creator Chris Sanders’ talents, from doing a great Nicolas Cage impression to braving the bitter cold at the NYC premiere of The Croods – with no jacket!

Just how impressed was Ryan Reynolds with Sanders? “This is my first animated movie I’ve ever done, and I was doing one subsequently right afterwards and I learned so much from [the directors] that I shifted the sessions in the next animated movie to feel more like this one!”

The Croods is director Chris Sanders’ second film for Dreamworks Animation, where he defected to after clashing with Disney over American Dog. (The title became Bolt after his departure). Is he still enjoying his new home? “Every film we make we get, like, better technology — so even better!” Plus he’s already hard at work on How To Train Your Dragon 2.

But his co-writer and director, Kirk De Micco, chimed in to say there was one area where Dreamworks Animation struggled — creating digital tar! The request threw the animators for a loop. “How deep is the tar?! How sticky is the tar?! Does it stick to their clothes?!” Good thing Sanders and De Micco were there to answer their questions.

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Compilation: Press Junket Interviews for ‘THE CROODS’


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Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone Get ‘Crood’ With Cambio!

CAMBIO.COM – Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are teaming up on their new movie, but you won’t actually see them together on screen…you’ll hear them!

Emma and Ryan, along with Nicolas Cage, are voicing characters in the new 3-D animated movie The Croods, which is about a prehistoric cave family.

“I’ve always wanted to do an animated movie,” Emma told Cambio about how she got involved with the project. “These are not movies that people say no to,” Ryan added.

The funny guy also loved how crazy he got to be when recording his character’s lines for the film. “You get to be as over the top as you possibly can,” he shared, adding that it requires a lot of yelling. “I look like I’m 94 when I leave the room!”

The Croods hits theaters on Friday, March 22. Are you excited to see it?

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Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage ‘THE CROODS’ Interview with Digital Spy

DIGITALSPY.CO.UK – Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage are the trio of Hollywood A-listers who unite to voice the animated action in prehistoric family adventure The Croods.

Stone provides the voice of Eep, a teenage cave-girl with an over-protective father (Grug, voiced by Nicolas Cage) who hates change and invents the world’s first hug.

Ryan Reynolds is the light relief as a charismatic Neanderthal outsider called Guy, a character who hopes to lead the misfit family away from danger in their crumbling primal world.

Digital Spy caught up with the stars of the movie, alongside the movie’s directors Chris Sanders and Kirk Demicco, to discuss what the audience can expect from The Croods that hasn’t been seen before in animation.

“You’re going to see some visual wonderment,” admits Emma Stone.

“And you’re going to see a modern family in prehistoric times, which is a pretty great thing. And a lot of firsts.”

Cage added that the creatures in the film will be “exotic hybrids from a surrealist painting”.

The Croods opens in cinemas on Friday, March 22.

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