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New Teaser Trailer for BURIED

Lionsgate has just released a new teaser trailer for Buried and it’s a great one. You might have heard about Buried earlier this year during the Sundance Film Festival. That’s because the film was one of the most talked about during the festival due to some good word of mouth and its unique premise. If you haven’t heard it, it’s basically “Ryan Reynolds trapped in a underground coffin in Iraq for 90 minutes.” The teaser trailer does a great job of setting that premise up and making sure that you are left wanting more. In other words, it does exactly what a teaser trailer should do.

Buried opens in select theaters September 24th and nationwide October 8th

source: collider.com

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Film Review: Paper Man

136105-Paper_Man_MdRichard (Jeff Daniels) is a middle-aged writer with one failed novel behind him, whose patient wife, Claire (Lisa Kudrow), has just driven him out to a winter retreat on the far reaches of Long Island, hoping the isolation will help him get over a severe case of writer’s block. The minute Claire steps out of the car, a character named “Captain Excellent” (Ryan Reynolds) magically appears—a superhero in a pseudo-Superman suit—sitting in the driver’s seat and eyeing the cowering Richard with the insolence of a know-it-all prig.

Right away you know that Paper Man is going to be one of those “Hey, what’s going on here?’ movies. “Captain E,” as Richard calls him, is not real, of course, he’s merely the loquacious figment of Richard’s imagination, and he represents the kind of cinematic quirkiness that some writers, directors and actors find irresistible, but many film audiences tend to shun. And for good reason: Onscreen quirky isn’t easy to pull off. However, the husband and wife co-writing and co-directing team of Kieran and Michele Mulroney seem unaware of that—for with Paper Man they’ve dived with gleeful abandon into the murky pond of quirk, to either sink or swim. Well, at least they don’t drown.

The script (developed while the Mulroneys were enrolled in the Sundance Institute’s writing and directing programs) reworks some familiar themes: mid-life crises, the need for love and human connection, the stultifying pain of grief, and the unpredictability of the creative drive run amuck. Sound heavy? Well, it might have been, had not the filmmakers woven these themes into an essentially lighthearted but oddball plot and rounded up some of our most appealing—and quirky—actors to bring it to life.

Once Claire returns to the city to tend to her demanding duties as a heart surgeon, Richard remains stymied, unable to even come up with a first line for his book—an epic about an extinct species of wild fowl. To fill the time, he becomes obsessed with a wildly upholstered couch (eventually moving it, the end tables and lamps outside his rented cottage), trades quips and philosophical musings with his lifelong imaginary pal Captain E, and rides his bike (kid-sized and pink) into town, where he encounters a forlorn local girl, Abby (Emma Stone), and asks her to babysit for him on Friday nights. Never mind that there is no baby; Abby stays anyway, to make soup and converse with her imaginary friend, Christopher (Kieran Culkin), until Richard comes home and they can begin to discover they are just two lost souls longing to connect. Somewhat surprisingly, considering his endangered marriage, it’s not a sexual connection Richard has in mind. He just needs a friend.

Read the entire review HERE

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Paper Man Trailer Captures

I’ve updated the gallery with high definition screencaps from the Paper Man trailer.. enjoy!

MOVIES > Paper Man (2010) > Screencaptures (Trailer)

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Video: Lisa Kudrow admits she checked Ryan out in his Paper Man Costume

Thanks to Popsugar for sending us this cute video of Lisa Kudrow talking about checking Ryan out each day in his skin tight costume for Paper Man!

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Two High Quality ‘Paper Man’ Movie Stills

I’ve updated the gallery with two high quality movie stills from ‘Paper Man’. Enjoy!

MOVIES > Paper Man (2010) > Movie Stills

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Paper Man Official Trailer and News Update!


PAPER MAN will be released April 23rd in New York (Angelika Theater) and Los Angeles (Landmark Theater). It’s opening May 7th in Seattle (Landmark Metro) and May 21st in San Francisco (theater TBD). More dates will be rolling out as summer  draws closer.

The Official FB page for PAPER MAN is gaining momentum. To join and to inform your followers:


The official site is now up, while minimal, and can be found at


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Ryan Reynolds to Join the R.I.P.D.

NEgmwjhmczGkji_1_1When we recently spoke with screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi they said the studio was “very active” in casting a new project of theirs, R.I.P.D. Now we have word on the first cast member. Collider recently spoke with producer Neal H. Moritz who revealed that Ryan Reynolds will star in the action comedy.

Reynolds will star as one of the leads, a recently-deceased cop who joins a new “police department” of dead cops. Here’s how the producer described the project below:

It’s terrific. Based on the graphic novel. It’s about two cops, one recently dead and a gunslinger who’s been dead for hundreds of years who work on the Rest in Peace department – which is the police department of the dead. And they basically…it takes place on a normal day and it’s about trying to keep the dead quiet.

Yes, he’ll be teamed with somebody but it’s a fantastic relationship between a cop who’s recently died who would do anything to get back to his wife. And a gunslinger who died hundreds of years ago who has seen it all and is jaded by it all and it’s the two of these guys together and it’s the relationship between these two guys that is absolutely fantastic.

Moritz also revealed that Reynolds would film this project sometime at the beginning of next year, after he wraps filming another Moritz project, The Change-Up, which will go before cameras in October.

source: www.movieweb.com

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‘Green Lantern’ Movie Posters

I’ve updated the gallery with two movie posters from the ‘ Green Lantern’ !

MOVIES > Green Lantern (2011) > Movie Posters

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‘Green Lantern’s’ Ryan Reynolds ‘Beaten Up’ in New Orleans


Ryan Reynolds poses for a photo with Ava F Axen on the set of ‘Green Lantern’ in New Orleans.

As many of you already know, Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern movie — under the helm of director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) — is currently shooting in New Orleans, and today comes some new information about the production, including a scene in which star Ryan Reynolds, aka Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern, takes a beating…before dishing out some green smackdown.

All part of a carefully constructed scene, according to a report over at Comic Book Movie.

Read the entire article HERE

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First Look: Ryan Reynolds on “Green Lantern” Set

headline15857“Green Lantern” just started filming in New Orleans on Monday and today we already have the first set photos of Ryan Reynolds. The scene took place at a bar called Old Point Bar that was renamed to Broome’s Bar in honor of Green Lantern creator John Broome. Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Jay O. Sanders were all part of the shoot and you can even see Reynolds wearing a green ring on his right middle finger in one of the photos. Check everything out below.

Plot: A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

“Green Lantern” is directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and is scheduled to hit theaters on June 17th, 2011.

I’ve also added a ‘collage’ of onset photos in the GALLERY!

source:  www.worstpreviews.com

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